Guaranteed Nursery and  Landscape Service in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and beyond. lighting, sprinkler systems, ponds, water features, ditches, drainage, snow removal
We are experienced in all forms of Landscape Design and Installation needs; from providing retail supplies, sprinkler systems and water features, to digging drainage ditches, installing lighting systems and providing Snow Removal services.

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Landscape Design and Engineering for Orange, Durham and Wake Counties

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J.D Tri Blend Tall Fescue Seed 50 Lb.

High Green Fescue Blend Seed 50 Lb.

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Lawn And Field Seed 50 Lb.

Lesco Starter Fertilizer 18-20-3 (25%) Slow Release.

Green Eagle Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 (50%) Slow Release 6 Month Feed

Lesco PreEmergent Fertilizer Prodiamine 0.20% 13-0-7 (30%) Slow Release.

Lesco Multi Use Fertilizer 15-3-7 (30%) Slow Release 50% Bio. 1.5% Iron.

Lesco Landscape & Ornamental Fertilizer 14-14-14 (12%) Slow Release.

Lesco Landscape & Ornamental Fertilizer 13-24-6 (12%) Slow Release.

Fertilizer 10-10-10 - $18.00

Fertilizer + Pre-Emergent 19-00-03, 50lbs 0.42% Prodiamine

Limestone 40Lb. - $4.50

Weed Killer Imitator Plus, Glyphosate Salt 41% One Gallon.

Weed Killer Ranger PRO, Glyphosate Salt 41% 2.5 Gallon.

Hi- Yield Granules Weed Preventer 15 LB.

Nut Sage Killer, Halosulfuron Pro, 75%

Amine 2,4-D (Post- Emergent) One Quart.

Amine 2,4-D (Post- Emergent) One Gallon.

Fruit Tree Spray One Pint.

Fruit Tree Spray One Quart.

Liquid Copper Fungicide 8 OZ.

Perlite 4 CU FT.

North Carolina Long Leaf Pine Straw.

Wheat Straw.

Deer Corn 50Lb Bag.

Double Shredded Mostly Cedar Hardwood Bark Mulch.

Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch.

Leaf Compost.

Natural Top Soil.

Certified Compost.

Red Colored Mulch.

Black Colored Mulch.

Brown Colored Mulch.

Beige Pea Gravel River Rock.

Beige Medium River Rock.

Beige Large River Rock.

Pennsylvania River Jacks 4" - 7".

Pennsylvania River Jacks 3/4".

#57 Gravel.

#78 Gravel.

ABC Crush and Run

Chapel Hill Gravel


Mortar Sand.

Cow Manure 40 Lb. Bag.

Palmetto Supreme Certified Compost 1 Cubic Foot Bag.

Premium Certified Compost 1 Cubic Foot Bag.

Potting Soil or Top Soil 40 Lb. Bag.

2 Cubic Foot Bagged Mulch - (Comes in Red, Brown, Black, Mini Nugget, and Pine Mulch)

Coco Peat Organic Block

6" Sod Staples 25 Count

6' X 300' Landscape Fabric

8' X 101' Single Net Wood Matting

8' X 112' Single Net Straw Matting

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